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We want to enhance our Dental education system with modern digital technologies here at Unidontia. Providing every dental student a suitable Studying environment and learning from clinicians and various faculties.
We are providing you a Test Series for your NEET MDS Preparation

Though Dentistry has endless potential that dental students are not aware of it. Unidontia tries to bring a mindset to explore Dentistry to its heart.


Understand your

As Dentist, We’re not only catering to our Patients but also to dental students

Build Strong community

We are building a community of exploring minds in the field of dentistry, together we will uplift Dentistry.

Certificate Courses

We are planning to bring certificate courses with advanced learning in field of Dentistry

Educational Platform

Bringing you the most comprehensive courses to excel in the field of Dentistry

Quality approach

We make sure your education never compromises and you can shine in the crowd.

Exploring New Idea

We are constantly building something new that can help you through your dental journey.

Study material

WE’ll bring some amazing notes and material to get you through tough exams

Dr.Rohan Thaker
Dr.Rohan Thaker
Dentistry has a lot more potential than we think but its visualization is very important to dental students. If we want to Grow as a Dental fraternity then we have to start teaching our strongholds. Let’s Build the Base on which everyone can grow and take Indian Dentistry to Next level