Parry Romberg SyndromeFacial hemiatrophy
Vander Woude SyndromePits of lower lip
cleft of palate
Ascher’s SyndromeAcquired double lip
Non toxic thyroid enlargement.
Median Cleft Face SyndromeHypertelorism
Median cleft of premaxilla, palate
Cranium bifidum occultum.
Oro Facial Digital SyndromeCleft tongue
clefting of mandibular alveolar process.
Miescher’s SyndromeCheilitis granulomatosa.
Melkersson-Rosenthal SyndromeCheilitis granulomatosa
Facial paralysis
Scrotal tongue
Peutz-Jeghers SyndromeMultiple intestinal polyposis
Pigmentation on face, oral cavity, and hands.
Beckwith Hypoglycemic Syndrome (Beckwith-Wiedeman Syndrome)Macroglossia
Neonatal hypoglycemia
Fetal visceromegaly
Rubinstein-Taybi SyndromeTalons cusp
developmental retardation
broad thumbs
great toes
delayed or incomplete descent of testes.
Klinefelter Syndrome (Trisomy 46)Taurodontism
XXY genetic constitution.
Gardner’s SyndromeMultiple polyposis of large intestine
osteomas of bone
multiple sebaceous cysts
impacted supernumerary teeth.
Ladd SyndromeLacrimal apparatus involvement with lacrimal sac inflammation
Lacrimal gland aplasia
Auricles are deformed
Ear having a cup-shaped appearance
Peg-shaped teeth
Enamel hypoplasia
Deviation of fingers medially or laterally (clinodactyly)