Access Cavity Preparation

Access cavity preparation is defined as endodontic coronal preparation which enables unobstructed access to the canal orifices, a straight line

acute alveolar abscess

Acute alveolar abscess is an inflammatory reaction to pulpal infection and necrosis characterized by rapid onset, spontaneous pain, tenderness of

Acute Exacerbation of Asymptomatic Apical Periodontitis (Phoenix Abscess)

This condition is an acute inflammatory reaction superimposed on an existing asymptomatic apical periodontitis


substances which are produced by micro-organisms, suppress or kill other microorganisms at very low concentrations


It is the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms existing in their vegetative state on living tissue.


It is a chemical applied to living tissues, such as skin or mucous membrane to reduce the number of microorganisms


Inducing a calcified or artificial barrier in a root with an open apex or the continued apical development of an


A vital pulp therapy procedure performed to enable continued physiologic development and formation of the root end; term frequently used

Aseptic technique

It is the method which prevents contamination of wounds and other sites, by ensuring that only sterile objects and fluids

Asymptomatic Apical Periodontitis (Previously known as Chronic Apical Periodontitis)

Asymptomatic apical periodontitis is the symptomless sequelae of symptomatic apical periodontitis and is characterized radiographically by periradicular radiolucent changes and

Avulsion (Exarticulation, Total Luxation)

It is defined as the complete and total displacement of the tooth from its socket.


Biofilm is defined as a community of microcolonies of microorganisms in an aqueous solution that is surrounded by a matrix


Bleaching may be defined as the lightening of the color of the tooth through the application of a chemical agent

Case history

Case history is defined as the data concerning an individual and his or her family and environment, including the individual

chronic alveolar abscess

chronic alveolar abscess is a longstanding, low-grade infection of the periradicular alveolar bone generally symptomless and characterized by the presence
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