MDS in Endodontics

Dentist is doint Biomechanical preparation with rotary files

Want to do MDS in endodontics? Are you confused about whether to do MDS in endodontics or not? Then don’t worry this article is for you

Endodontics and Operative dentistry is one of the core branch of dentistry that deals with the diseases originating within the tooth (pulp and periapical tissue). Majorly, they’re dealing with tooth decay. As per one survey conducted by TIME, every third person is suffering from untreated tooth decay and it is the second most painful condition.

Being MDS Endodontist, you’re performing root canal treatments EVERYDAY.

But, a general dentist also doing root canal treatments then how this branch defers in treatment? what is the importance of doing MDS in endodontics ?? if even a general dentist is doing the same treatment as me!!!

Well answer for this question is

Meaning, As MDS Endodontist, you will be doing the tough root canal treatments that sometimes a general dentist would prefer to extract, you’ll be repairing the perforated tooth, you’ll be opening up a flap, drilling the bone to the root apex and cut it there and do a retrograde filling.

would you still think a General Dentist can do that?

Endodontist specializes in these treatments

  • Microendodontics
  •  Treatment of grossly carious tooth
  • Treatment of periapical abscess
  • Apicoectomy
  • Treatment of tooth sensitivity
  • Intentional root canal treatment
  • Angulated third molar root canal treatment
  • Post and core
  • Treatments of endodontic flare-ups
  • Retreatment of failed root canal treatment
  • Retrieval of broken instrument
  • Endo-perio lesions
  • Perforation repair
  • Direct pulp capping
  • Indirect pulp capping
  • Pulpotomy
  • Inlay and onlay restoration
  • Direct anterior veneers / anterior anatomic tooth build-up with composite
  • Vital/Non-Vital Tooth Bleaching 

Age group

Generally the patients you are going to treat as an Endodontist are ranging from 20 to 50 years as low as group is treated by pedodontist and elder people usually surfers with periodontal problem but sometimes as a part of the making of tooth retained overdentures, Endodontist  and prosthodontist work together.

Consultation As MDS Endodontist

Being an Endodontist, the consultation ratio is so high that Endodontists can get half of that income from just consulting because clinics are consulting you for Retreatment, Broken instrument retrieval, apicoectomy, and some tough root canal treatment cases.

These treatment cost way higher than regular root canal treatment and fresher BDS dentists generally won’t do posterior tooth root canal treatment but rather they call for a consultation. So the consultation never ends for an Endodontist.

At starting, the consultation will probably low because you are also coming out as fresher MDS and clinics do want to take experienced Endodontists for consultation. You may have to bargain with lower consultation fees but don’t worry, you may be charging lower fees than others but you are making your presence in the market and once you make your name into the market by your skills and work, the consultations won’t stop and this time at your price.

Value and income

MDS Endodontist is one of the highly paid dental surgeons because as mentioned on your every third person in the world is suffering from tooth decay and its pain so as long as people are living, as long as they are eating junk food and chocolates you will never be out of the patient.

Remember, each human will have 32 permanent teeth and multiply them with the number of people in your city or town what you have is the total number of opportunities as a potential root canal case even if you less have 10 dentists in your area and population is around 20000 to 30000, for example. Then you have 20000 to 30000 X 32 potential cases and even if you divide by 10 dentists and also divide with three to take into consideration one out of three people develop tooth decay still you will be having 21 to 32 Thousand potential cases for you only. Still, if we take just half of the cases that reach irreversible pulpitis. Now multiply them with the cost of 1 RCT and you will get the idea.

Charges for Root canal Treatment are ranging from 3000 to 6000 as endodontic, Retreatment and instrument retrieval May reach up to 8,000 to 10,000 rupees and apicoectomy charges are even higher and I am not including charges of crown and restorations

Clinical scenario


In the clinical scenario, MDS in endodontics is a bit debatable!! Why so?

As the courses for root canal treatment are increasing, Thus BDS doctors are becoming confident and trying to attend difficult cases. Also with the introduction of the rotary system and up-gradation in irrigation and intracanal medicaments, The failure ratio of root canal treatment is decreasing so as to your potential cases of Retreatment but on a brighter side patients have had a good experience with dentistry, If we see this as Whole Dental community.


As people are being more aware, they’ll start visiting your clinic and Also there will be mistakes, missed canal and broken instruments. So Endodontist will never be offseason. Each clinic will need a consultation of Endodontist, unless and until the clinic is established by and endodontics.


Till now, you will be still counting numbers of cases and the amount you will be getting but don’t forget about the amount of work on those patients. To earn that much amount of money you need to work that hard. Also, if you didn’t work properly then either you will be losing your patient or you will be using your health because back pain and eye strain are maximum to an Endodontist.

What after MDS in Endodontics


In endodontic fellowships are very few but you can find a mentor and work under and to learn and enhance new skills. there are courses on composites, Onlay, rotary endodontics, micro endodontics… and those are very popular nowadays. Do some courses, horn your skills and be ready to work hard.

Hey, if you are an Endodontist and want to make with online courses and earn from those courses for the rest of your life!!!  Then join us and become An instructor on UNIDONTIA, Share and publish your online courses.

This can be Way to showcase your work and you’ll get consultations online!



Because Endodontics is a core branch. The competition to get admission in it is a bit difficult, but you can conquer anything if you believe in yourself.

Endodontics is a quick money branch because you are doing RCT/Restoration and taking your fees right away, unlike Orthodontics. But at same it Requires a lot of hard work and efforts than any other branches and

Not to mention health problems also, With the Recent COVID-19 pandemic situation, endodontists are the most prone as they’re almost each and every second work with Aerosols.

So, what’s your opinion on doing MDS in Endodontics? Write Down in the Comment section below.

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